My name is Chaney Fletcher.

I'm your new Intuitive Empowerment Life Coach. My mission is to help women shed giving a damn what others think of them like we're usually taught. You will get to experience several different modalities and techniques to help you with creating and sustaining the life changes you make moving forward.

My goal is to teach you how to deal with you're own shit and limiting beliefs that drives you completely insane and use your own setbacks in order to fuel the fire that's required for the progress you make to stay, even after our time working together.

For example I have helped women with:

  • Parenting issues

  • Turning a hobby into a profit driving side hustle

  • Starting that business they dream of

  • Pivoting a business because it isn't "right" anymore

  • Choosing themselves first without regret

  • Calming the overwhelm and chaos of life with ease

  • Discover what makes them happy deep down that they ignore

  • Taking action in any aspect of their life

  • Build self confidence and so much more!